Dear students, families,

The Melody in Me Spring Concert 2024
 is almost here 😇.  

Event: Melody in Me Spring Concert 2024
Date : May 12th, Sunday
Time: 1:30 & 3pm 
Location: Naperville 95th Street Library Room B
                3015 Cedar Glade Rd, Naperville, IL 

Every student has worked hard for the performance! To have a smooth recital on concert day, I would like to have your attention and support a few things ~

Before the concert: 
  • Please come 15~20 minutes earlier to try out the piano a little.
  • If students have lose page music sheets, please put the pages into a folder or adhere on the music book. 
  • Please book mark the performed pieces, so students won't flip pages on stage. 
  • For all performers, please do not wear anything too casual (something like flip-flops or shorts or jeans with holes). Semi-formal or even formal attire would be great.

During the concert:
  • 1. Please do not walk around during performances. You may leave the room between each student's performance, if needed. 
  • Please keep quiet in and out the room.
  • If you or your friends/family bring very young kids, please keep them quiet while students are performing so the performers don't get distracted (since they might be very nervous ! :) If it's hard to do so, you may bring them in the lobby area a little bit to let them calm down.
  • Please respect the performers and listeners and do not leave until the entire concert has been completed. We will have group pictures taking at the end.

Thank you so very much for your participation. Attached is the revised performance sequence. Please let me know if any question. We are so excited and looking forward enjoying everyone's performance!

Thank you very much!  


The Melody in Me 2024年春季音乐会即将到来😇。

活动:Melody in Me 春季音乐会 2024
时间:下午 1:30 和下午 3:00
地点:内珀维尔 95 街图书馆 B 室
  3015 Cedar Glade Rd, 内珀维尔, IL

這次音樂會,每一位同学都付出了很大的努力準備!为了音樂會会当天能够顺利进行,希望大家多多关注和支持以下各點 ~

•所有演奏者请不要穿太休闲的衣服(例如人字拖、短裤或破洞牛仔裤)。半正式, 甚至正式的服装会很棒。

•台上有演奏時, 请勿走动。如果有需要,您可以在每个学生表演之间, 觀眾鼓掌時, 安靜离开演奏廳, 並請輕聲關門. 
•如果您或您的朋友/家人带来了很小的孩子,请在学生演奏时让他们保持安静,这样演奏者就不会分心(因为他们可能会非常紧张!:) 如果很难,您可以带他们在大堂区稍微休息一下,让他们平静下来。

修改后的表演顺序, 如有任何疑问,请告诉我。非常感谢您的参与。我们非常兴奋并期待欣赏大家的表演!