Melody in Me
Music Studio
Each of us has two native languages ...
both are learned early... 
both stay with us a lifetime...    
One is MUSIC !    

Welcome to Melody in Me music studio in Naperville IL - for the Exciting, Professional, and Joyful Music experiences for Ages of 2 to adults 

Not Just a Piano Class....  We are dedicated to bring students to music step by step with total Musicianship, and to providing an understanding and love of music that will last for a Lifetime.

Melody in Me Music Studio ©2008 
Tel: 630-302-7190

* Fall piano lesson starts from August 17. We have in-person and online lessons.  

*Melody in Me fall piano recital 2023 will be in-person concert 
Date: November 4th 2022 
Time: Saturday 1:30pm & 3:00pm
Place: Naperville 95th Street Library  
~ Please reserve the day.

​* All the Group lessons are not resumed yet.  We will updated when classes resumed.  

* Contact us  for a FREE Observation session for group lesson.


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