Melody in Me offers group and private piano lessons for students 2 years old through adult. This exciting, comprehensive program is designed to help children discover the world of music through  
                                  motivating materials and activities. Our goal is to provide step-by-step musical                                          training in a fun, interactive and non-pressured environment.  This approach aids
                                   growth of a child's inner music and enhances all future musical activities. Our 
                                   program is designed to create a solid foundation and appreciation of music that 
                                   will last a lifetime.   Meet the teacher.

Please tour our Melody in Me music studio online .

Music can have a powerful impact on children’s lives .  It is a shared art that 
can bring children, parents and communities together.  Recent research 
confirms that children's early experiences, especially in language and music, 
can affect them for the rest of their lives. A child who learns a second 
language early will speak easily and with the proper accent.

In much the same way, a child who experiences, and then has hands-on 
activities with melody, rhythm, timbre, and all the elements of music will be comfortable with performing and creating music as he or she matures. We would not expect a child to wait to talk until he could read, nor should we want to deprive students of a whole world of musical growth until they can perceive note reading. 

Melody in Me features Harmony Road music course - an international
successful music program for students 18 months through adult.  It offers
more than just "piano lessons".  It provides a holistic approach to music
learning including creative movement, singing, keyboard playing, ear training,
music theory, rhythm ensemble, music vocabulary, note reading, composing
and so much more, all in a creative and nurturing atmosphere!   

Hearing ... feeling ... moving ... singing ... creating ... sharing ... reading ... and playing music ... children absorb and store musical patterns and concepts for enjoyment and growth in all of their musical endeavors.  

                                    has evolved from a lifetime of musical involvement with young children.
                                    Harmony Road founder, composer and writer, Jan Keyser,  developed 
     the first courses in 1981 and has continued to provide high quality, research-based curriculum to fill the needs of young students and their families.  Currently there are 120 Harmony Road locations in the United States as well as Britain, New Zealand, Holland, Canada, and Taiwan. The program boasts 98% retention over four years in nearly all locations. Lessons are based on the time tested Harmony Road triangle—parent/caregiver, child and trained Harmony Road teacher. 

 Each of us has two native languages . . .
both are learned early . . .
both stay with us a lifetime . . .
One is MUSIC
Melody in Me
Music Studio